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Two Jobs Ross Challenged to Choose Between Roles

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Ross (pictured) is failing his constituents with two full time jobs.

The SNP has challenged Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross to decide which of his two jobs he considers more important – being an MP or an MSP.

SNP MSP Karen Adam has written to Douglas Ross and after it emerged that Douglas Ross ‘forgot’ to report £30,000 of earnings, she has called that ‘insulting’ to his constituents and the people of Scotland.

She has also called for him to consider which job he finds more important – being an MP or an MSP – and to choose one.

Amid the sleaze scandal unfolding at Westminster of Tory MPs raking in fortunes from second jobs, The SNP has said Douglas Ross is ‘having his cake and eating it’ by taking an MP salary whilst sitting at Holyrood as acts as MP for Moray and MSP for the Highlands and Islands.

Commenting, SNP MSP Karen Adam said:

“If Douglas Ross considers £30,000 negligible enough as to ‘forget’ about it then that is insulting to his constituents when the average wage in Scotland is around £25,000.

“Anyone who has worked as an MP or MSP or even as a hard-working staffer will tell you that being either an MSP or an MP is very much a full-time job and Douglas Ross is failing his constituents in Moray and across the Highlands and Islands by thinking he can do both jobs properly.

“Treating constituents with contempt is a growing trend in the Tory party as they view being an elected politician as a bit on the side, whilst raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds from other jobs.

“During the election campaign in May the SNP called for Douglas Ross to stand down as an MP, but instead he decided to continue and add to the list of jobs he already held – MP, party leader and football linesman.

“As he takes is MP salary cake, he sits in Holyrood and eats it.

“His other jobs have frequently gotten in the way when he attended a referee conference in Switzerland and missed vital votes in the House of Commons in favour of the Champions League.

“While all of our constituents are facing a winter of discontent at the hands of Douglas Ross’s party at Westminster, he should be committing all his time and energy into helping them weather this storm.

“He needs to choose between being either an MP or MSP.

“By trying to be both he is short-changing the people he is supposed to represent.”

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