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UHI Announces Strategic Senior Leadership Changes

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The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) is pleased to announce changes to its senior executive team as part of its 2030 Strategic Plan.

This plan outlines UHI’s vision to become a globally recognised tertiary institution. 

Vicki Nairn

Vicki Nairn, UHI’s newly appointed Principal and Vice-Chancellor, is spearheading the university’s transformative journey:

“My primary responsibility is to ensure UHI is well-equipped to achieve its strategic goals.

“This encompasses financial stability, fostering unity across our partnership, and making a transformational impact on the people, communities, and economy of our regions.

“To this end, I am pleased to announce the following changes, effective immediately.”

Lorna Walker

Lorna Walker has served as Vice Principal Strategy, Performance, and Culture for the past 18 months, leading many of the university’s professional services.

Moving forward, her role will be retitled Vice Principal Strategy and Chief Operating Officer.

This refocused role encompasses responsibilities from the vacant, and now deleted Vice Principal Operations position and consolidates the student recruitment and admissions functions from the Deputy Principal Academic and Research role.

Lorna brings extensive experience in strategic and operational roles within education, as well as in the wider public and private sectors, and has been with UHI since 2021.

Sheena Stewart

Sheena Stewart will continue as University Secretary, a role she has held since 2022, ensuring ongoing stability in UHI’s governance and sustainability efforts.

Sheena has over 30 years’ experience in higher education administration, and worked previously at Abertay University where she held several roles including deputy secretary for 3 years followed by university secretary for 10 years. 

Mike Baxter

Mike Baxter, who recently joined UHI as Executive Director of Finance, will now have a retitled role as Chief Financial Officer for UHI.

This change underscores our commitment to financial stability and growth, with Mike providing clear executive leadership in this crucial area.

These changes position UHI to deliver exceptional educational outcomes and enhance the student experience, while establishing a sustainable foundation for future growth.

UHI is enthusiastic about these developments and confident they will propel the institution towards achieving its ambitious goals.

As UHI progresses with its strategic plan, it will continue to ensure the institution remains reflective and inclusive of its partnership and its leadership. 

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