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Sunday, June 16, 2024

UHI Inverness Statement Welcoming Green Freeport Status

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Professor Chris O’Neil, Principal and Chief Executive of UHI Inverness, said:

“The awarding of Green Freeport status to Inverness and Cromarty Firth will have a transformative impact on the economic fortunes of the community we serve.

“We are poised, together with our UHI partners, to meet the subsequent skills and knowledge demand.

“We have the expertise in engineering, research, technology, design and construction to provide a highly-skilled and aspirational workforce, including trainees, apprentices, graduates and researchers.

“As well as being well-placed to meet the associated need for talent, we also have the established industry links and capacity for knowledge exchange to make valuable collaborative contributions to the creation of a global green hub.

“Our talented and committed students have proved their resilience by studying while coping with the consequences of a pandemic and then a cost-of-living crisis, and this announcement is significant in that it represents an improved future and enhanced opportunities for many of them.

“Current and upcoming students will complete their learning journey knowing there is the potential for attractive employment on our doorstep in an expanding industry.

“These prospects will help retain local talent and will also appeal to a generation of students who are environmentally conscious and willing to embrace a sector that supports their values.”

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