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Thursday, January 26, 2023

UK Economic Model Failing Scotland

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The SNP has welcomed a report by the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice which shows the UK economy isn’t working with Westminster control and is in urgent need of reform, including the need for Scotland to have power over a range of major economic levers.

The report reinforces the findings of recent Scottish Government independence papers – which showed that similar-sized independent countries to Scotland are fairer, wealthier and happier than the UK. 

SNP MSP Michelle Thomson said:

“The IPPR report reinforces exactly what the recent Scottish Government papers say – the UK economy is broken with Westminster control and is failing far too many people in Scotland and across the UK, with neighbouring countries faring far better on a whole range of social and economic league tables.

“Coming so soon after a Financial Times report on how the UK trails far behind its peers and faces being overtaken by former Communist bloc countries like Slovenia and Poland just underscores how badly Westminster is failing Scotland’s people.

“These independent findings are a wake-up call to Scottish politicians who continue to support the status quo of Westminster control, while one of Liz Truss’s big ideas to combat this Tory-made cost of living crisis seems to be to remove the cap on bonuses for millionaire bankers.

“What Scotland needs is the full powers of independence to create a wealthier, happier and fairer nation for every Scottish citizen – and independence is the only way to address the issues highlighted in this report.”

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