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UK Government Challenged to Support Households

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The SNP has challenged the UK government to scrap its plans to increase the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) from £2,500 to £3000 this April – and instead reduce it by 20%.

It comes as Jeremy Hunt ruled out freezing energy prices this April, despite EPG forecasts being down from the £42 billion predicted in November to £26.8 billion – leaving the Treasury with an underspend of £15 billion. 

Stephen Flynn MP, the SNP Westminster Leader, has challenged the Tories to U-turn on their plans, and instead give the £500 directly to households. 

It is believed the Tories will follow through on their plans to increase bills at next months spring budget, despite European wholesale gas prices being down 75% since their summer peak. 

Commenting, the SNP’s Westminster Leader, Stephen Flynn MP, said:

“Scotland is an energy rich country that is being forced to pay sky-high energy bills – all because of Westminster mismanagement. 

“The Prime Minister and Chancellor’s plan to increase energy prices this April will have devastating consequences on households across Scotland and the UK.

“Meanwhile, energy companies continue to make astronomical profits at the expense of hard-working households. 

“It’s time for the UK government to finally side with working families during this cost of living crisis instead of lining the Treasury’s pockets.

“That is why I’m challenging the Prime Minister and Chancellor to not just give £500 back to families, but to also lead with higher public sector pay deals, match the Scottish Child Payment UK-wide, and to introduce a Real Living Wage for all workers.

“However, regardless of what this UK government does or does not do next month, Scotland cannot be forced to pay the price for continued Westminster failure. 

“That is why the only way to rid Scotland of Westminster control, escape future Tory cuts, and build a stronger economy in Europe, is with independence.”

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