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Saturday, May 18, 2024

UK Government Gives London’s Canary Wharf £16,000 More Per Person Than Scotland

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The SNP has said Westminster has made it clear Scotland is not a priority, after research revealed that the Chancellor’s budget will see Canary Wharf receive over £16,000 per person in additional funding than Scotland.

The research, carried out by the SNP, shows that as a result of the announcements made in the UK government’s 2024 Spring Budget, Scotland, with a population of 5.5 million, will receive £295 million through Barnett consequentials, which works out at about £54 per person. 

The Chancellor announced £118 million in investment for Canary Wharf, which has a resident population of 7,076.

This works out at about £16,700 per person – £16,646 more in additional funding than Scotland.

Commenting, the SNP’s Levelling Up spokesperson, Anum Qaisar MP:

“Westminster’s priorities are clear for all to see – and Scotland isn’t one of them in this broken, Brexit Britain.

“Scotland has been dragged out of the EU against our will, our Scottish Parliament and its powers have been ignored and undermined, and our businesses and household budgets have been repeatedly hammered by Westminster’s austerity, cost of living crisis and overall economic chaos.

“And now we see that London’s Canary Wharf, host to some of the biggest banks in the world and their rich bankers, is receiving over £16,000 more per person than Scotland, in additional funding.

“This isn’t levelling up – it’s the Tories looking to keep their banker mates happy.

“The Tories in Westminster have spent years making the rich richer and the poor poorer – and that will never change.

“And with Sir Keir Starmer backing Tory tax and spending plans, and U-turning on capping bankers bonuses, it’s clear that Labour offer no alternative.

“The only way to make Scotland Tory-free and ensure Scotland’s voice and values are heard at Westminster is to vote SNP at the upcoming election.”

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