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UK Government Must Go Further on Prepayment Meters

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An SNP MP has said the UK Government must go further to support households made to use prepayment meters by ending self-disconnection and forced installations.

It comes as reports suggest the UK government is set to end the ‘prepayment premium’ which currently sees those on prepayment meters pay more on average for energy.

Welcoming the news, campaigning MP Anne McLaughlin, said the action should be praised but that ‘more must be done’ by the UK government to end the unfair treatment of those on prepayment meters.

Commenting, Anne McLaughlin MP, said:

“I welcome this news that, depending on the detail, the UK government will hopefully end the premium those on prepayment meters currently pay, but this doesn’t go far enough and as things stand we will still see households disconnected and forced onto these meters.

“People who pay their bills by direct debit have six months before the threat of disconnection is even mentioned – people on prepayment meters have no notice, no grace period and are given no support.

“More must be done – the Tories’ failure to address this glaring inequality has allowed people, including those with disabilities, older people and people with terminal illnesses to suffer in the cold and dark this winter as they face a perfect storm of ever-rising energy costs and inflationary pressures.

“If the UK government is serious about wanting to help people, they will adopt my proposals to end self-disconnection and the forced installation of prepayment meters, but with the Tories already having blocked my attempts to do that I won’t hold my breath.

“Westminster is failing vulnerable households in Scotland as it becomes clearer by the day that only with the full powers of independence can we properly support families through difficult times.”

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