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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

UK Government Urged to Support Households Struggling to Make Ends Meet

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New survey reveals one in three Scots worried about being able to pay for food.

The SNP has renewed calls on the UK government to provide urgent support to families and households across the UK who are struggling to make ends meet due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It comes after a Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) survey revealed that one in three Scots expressed worries over how they would continue to pay for bills, food and other essentials.

While four in ten living in rented accommodation said they were concerned about future payments on their home.

Earlier, the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford wrote to party leaders urging the UK government and opposition parties to hold an urgent meeting with utilities companies to ensure households have the support they need as unemployment rises, incomes are reduced, and utility costs and usage increase.

Patricia Gibson MP, the SNP’s Consumer Affairs spokesperson (pictured), said:

“The coronavirus crisis has pushed many families and individuals across the UK, through no fault of their own, into hardship and financial difficulty.

“With a significant number of people in Scotland worried about how they will pay for food, essential items, bills, and payments on their homes, it is vital that the UK government sets out measures to support people in their time of need.

“Household costs are rising at the same time as millions of people are seeing a reduction or complete loss of their income.

“The financial strain facing many people is becoming unbearable.

“The UK government must urgently take steps to alleviate the burden, including through introducing a guaranteed minimum income, an Emergency Coronavirus Energy Grant, a six-month reprieve on utilities being cut off, and a freeze on prices.

“These are difficult times and no family or household should be left behind or struggling to heat their home, pay their bills, or put food on their table.

“The UK government has worked constructively with the devolved governments on measures that have been brought forward so far, but much more needs to be done to help those households who are on the brink and struggling to make ends meet.”

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