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UK Internal Market Bill a Trojan Horse Attack on Devolution

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On the day MPs are to vote on the controversial legislation, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP (pictured) has described the UK Internal Market Bill as a Trojan Horse attack on devolution that will allow Westminster to undermine democratic decisions made by the Scottish Parliament.

Ian Blackford called the Bill a “hidden-in-plain-sight” power grab on Holyrood and has challenged Scottish Tory MPs to stand against the devolution-wrecking plans that could force Scotland to accept standards set by Westminster in devolved policy areas like public health measures, the environment, and food safety.

The Bill also means Westminster taking over spending powers in devolved areas and includes a blatant power grab over state aid policy.

SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said:

“The UK Internal Market Bill is the biggest assault on devolution since the Scottish Parliament reconvened.

“This Bill cuts to the heart of Tory efforts to undermine Scotland’s parliament and even the House of Lords recognised the severity of the attack on devolution and have torn it apart.

“This Bill needs to be ditched in its entirety, but any Tory attempts to reverse crucial Lords amendments that prevent the UK breaking international law lay bare UK government’s true motives with this deeply damaging legislation.

“Over two decades of devolution a majority of our people have come to the same simple but powerful conclusion – decisions about Scotland are best made in Scotland.

“This Trojan Horse legislation puts those democratic decisions under threat. 

“Everyone knows the SNP will always stand up for Scotland and the Scottish Parliament.

“Today, I challenge the six Scottish Tory MPs to think about the constituents and businesses that they represent and vote to protect our Parliament from a hidden-in-plain-sight Westminster power grab.

“The Tories at Westminster prove time and again that the best place to make decisions about Scotland is right here – and with fifteen polls now showing sustained majority support for independence, the people who live here could not be clearer about who they want to make decisions about Scotland.”

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