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UK Internal Market Bill Would Water Down Teaching Profession in Scotland

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The SNP has voiced more concerns over the UK Internal Market Bill – after the General Teaching Council for Scotland warned that Westminster’s plans could reduce the quality of the teaching profession in Scotland.

Chief Executive of the General Teaching Council, Ken Muir, told the BBC that “our key concern about the Bill is the extent to which we ourselves, and parents, and users of the education system would feel that would be watering down the teaching profession in Scotland.”

The UK government stated that it was not prepared to accept an exemption for the teaching profession.

Rona Mackay MSP (pictured), who sits on Holyrood’s Education Committee, said:

“Not only does this Tory power grab break international law, as admitted by Tory ministers, it also directly threatens the high professional standards of Scotland’s teaching profession.

“The Tories are actively trying to strip the Scottish Parliament of its powers.

“It is now crystal clear that this Bill means taking powers over our education system away from Holyrood, and taking control away from the people of Scotland.

“Scotland requires secondary teachers to have a relevant degree in the subject they teach.

“That is a standard enshrined in decades of practice to ensure our children are taught by teachers with a deep understanding of their subject.

“Other parts of the UK have chosen not to ask that of their teachers.

“Under the UK government’s plans, Scotland will be forced to accept their lower standards.

“That cannot be good for our pupils.

“Boris Johnson must not have the power to override the Scottish Parliament in devolved areas including public health, education, transport, food and environmental standards.

“Decisions about Scotland should be taken by the people who live here and not by a Tory government led by Boris Johnson, which has been comprehensively rejected by the people of Scotland.”

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