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Monday, July 22, 2024

UK Must End Military Support for Gaza Killing

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The UK government must end military support for Israel and restore funding to the The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, says Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman.

Ms Chapman’s comments followed the killing of seven aid workers, including UK citizens.

Maggie Chapman said:

“It is a horrifying reflection of how desperate and disastrous the crisis has become when people are being killed by missiles while distributing aid. 

“They were there to support people in urgent need at a time when aid is being purposefully blocked and people are being knowingly starved.

“My heart and my thoughts are with all of their friends and family.

“There must be a full investigation into how this has happened, with proper consequences for those that are responsible.

“It is an awful consequence of an immoral war that is being conducted with no respect whatsoever for International Humanitarian Law or the rights and lives of Palestinians. 

“Huge parts of Gaza have been made uninhabitable and people have been left to die.

“It is beyond abhorrent.

“Words of condolences and sorrow from the Foreign Secretary are not enough.

“He is acting like he is powerless while actively fuelling the destruction.

“If David Cameron wants his tenure to be remembered for anything other than enabling genocide then he must do everything in his power to actually stop the killing.

“That means an end to arms sales and military support for Israel and restoring all funding to UNRWA.”

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