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Voters Urged to Unite Behind SNP’s Recovery Plan

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SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon has urged voters to unite behind the SNP’s ‘bold, ambitious’ vision for Scotland – as she pledged to deliver an economic recovery that benefits everyone.

The SNP’s manifesto, included a raft of commitments designed to support families in uncertain economic times – but which will also have long term benefits for the country’s health and wellbeing – including:

Providing free breakfast and lunches to all primary school pupils, year-round – as well as piloting the provision of breakfasts for older pupils.

Building on the doubling of childcare provision – which will be completed by August this year – with a system of year-round wraparound childcare, for which the least well-off families will pay nothing.

Doubling the Scottish Child Payment over the parliament, and providing cash grants to families of older children until the full roll-out is completed.

Abolishing NHS dentistry charges – the last area of NHS care which can still lead to a charge.

A green transport revolution – including expanding the concessionary travel scheme and providing free bikes to all children who could not otherwise afford them – as part of ambitions to become a net zero society by 2045.

Nicola Sturgeon said:

“The SNP manifesto for this election is the boldest and most ambitious that we have ever published.

“It is designed to unite Scotland around shared goals as we lead the country through the pandemic and into a sustainable recovery.

“At the heart of our plans is a belief that the recovery must benefit everyone.

“We cannot simply wind the clock back to 2019 – we must be prepared to make long-term investments which will provide much-needed support to families right now, but will also have long-term benefits for our health and wellbeing.

“I’m proud that the SNP has delivered a massive increase in childcare provision, has rolled out free school meals to all P1-P3 pupils, abolished prescription charges and introduced the Scottish Child Payment.

“But now is the time to build on these ambitions by going even further.

“At this critical moment in Scotland’s history, I would urge voters to give both their votes to the SNP to re-elect me as First Minister and for a serious government which will deliver the fairer and more prosperous Scotland that we all want to see – as well as giving the people of Scotland a choice over their future once the COVID crisis has passed.”

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