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Voting SNP Can Wipe Out Tories in Scotland

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A new poll has revealed that voting SNP at the next general election could wipe out the Tories in Scotland.

The YouGov poll for The Times, shows that if an election was held tomorrow voting SNP would unseat every Tory MP in Scotland – with the SNP gaining all six seats including Scottish Tory Leader Douglas Ross and Scottish Secretary Alister Jack.

The poll shows the number of SNP seats projected to increase to 49 out of 59, with support for the SNP at 45%, 14 points ahead of the Labour Party and 33 points ahead of the Tories, whose support has collapsed to just 12% in Scotland.

In Scottish Parliament voting intentions, the poll shows the SNP would be projected to win an outright majority of 66 seats with 49% of the constituency vote, with the Labour Party 23-points behind on 26% and the Tories 36-points behind on just 13%.

Support for independence has also increased by 5 points since the last YouGov poll to 43% with 7% undecided and 45% against.

Commenting, SNP Deputy Westminster Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“The Tory economic crisis engulfing the UK demonstrates Scotland needs independence to escape Westminster control and get rid of the Tories for good.

“This poll shows voting SNP at the next election could wipe out every Tory MP in Scotland – and projects an increase in SNP seats and support for independence.

“The SNP is the main challenger to every Tory MP in Scotland – and with a snap election possible at any point the SNP is ready to fight the Tories and win.

“With all the Westminster parties signed up to a hard Brexit and broken Tory economics, independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe – and only independence can ensure Scotland never again gets Tory governments we don’t vote for.”  

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