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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

We Must Remove Moral Disgrace of Nuclear Weapons

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Nuclear weapons are a moral disgrace, says Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman.

Ms Chapman has called for an independent Scotland to lead on the removal of nuclear weapons from Europe.

Speaking in a Parliamentary debate on a Nuclear-weapon-free Europe Ms Chapman branded the weapons a “moral disgrace” before praising the work of peace activists in Scotland and around the world.

Ms Chapman said:

“The past five years have seen us, as a global community, going backwards in some fundamental and tragic ways.

“We have seen the relentless rise of inequalities, the normalisation of war, the intensification of climate breakdown, the undermining of norms against nuclear weapon testing and, in a few short weeks, thousands of children killed in Gaza.”

Ms Chapman called for an independent Scotland to lead on nuclear disarmament, adding that a nuclear weapon-free Europe could begin “perhaps with just a few committed countries, building momentum across civil society, courageous in resisting powerful opposition and challenging the deadly control of the nuclear status quo, that is a vision that many in Scotland share, and that an independent Scotland might take as one of its priorities.”

Ms Chapman concluded:

“What do we mean by security?

“Are we content to cower beneath a nuclear umbrella, praying that the wind doesn’t turn it inside out, watching the hard rain fall on our neighbours’ uncovered heads?

“Or might we be more truly safe alongside them, building a sustainable shelter that we can all share?”

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