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Wells: The SNP Must Stop Selling Covid Facemasks

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Annie Wells, Scottish Conservative deputy leader (pictured) has written to Peter Murrell, the SNP Chief Executive, and asked that the SNP stops selling branded facemasks on its website.

In the letter Ms Wells states that thousands of people have suffered as a result of the Covid crisis and that “to profit from such an event is a tasteless venture.”

Ms Wells has also pointed out that the SNP is trying to profit from their own public health policy as earlier this month the First Minister announced that facemasks in shops and public transport were compulsory.

Ms Wells has written to Mr Murrell, as the Chief Executive of the SNP, and asked that the facemasks be removed and any profits already made should be donated to charity.

Annie Wells, Scottish Conservative deputy leader said:

“It is really disappointing that the SNP is refusing to remove this unfortunate merchandise from their website.

“It seems that in their rush to make some money the SNP has forgotten that thousands of people have died from Covid, causing extreme suffering to their friends and families.

“As a result, I have written to Mr Murrell, the Chief Executive of the SNP to ask him to remove these items from the extensive merchandise that the SNP already offers.

“Any profits that have already been made should now be donated to charity.

“Profiting from a national crisis is a pretty tasteless move from the SNP.”

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