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Westminster Austerity Led to a Third of Scots Going into Debt Over Essentials

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The SNP has urged the UK government to step up their cost of living support, after the Mental Health Foundation published a survey showing one third of Scots have been forced into debt during the Westminster-made cost of living crisis. 

The report also concluded that over the next few months, more than a quarter (26%) of Scots are worried about not being able to pay household bills, and almost a third (29%) are worried about not being able to heat their homes due to skyrocketing inflation.

In contrast, the SNP Scottish Government has already committed to supporting people through this cost of living crisis, by allocating almost £3 billion to support policies which tackle poverty.

The Scottish Government has also committed to supporting people with mental health issues by improving mental health services and ensuring that people are sign posted to the most suitable support – all measures encouraged by the Mental Health Foundation.

Commenting, the SNP’s women and equalities spokesperson, Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“This report by the Mental Health Foundation exposes the reality of thirteen years of austerity under consecutive Tory governments, with the cost of living soaring because of damaging policies like Brexit and shocking welfare cuts.

“In contrast, the SNP Scottish Government is committed to listening to organisations like the Mental Health Foundation and supporting families through this crisis. 

“The Scottish Government has prioritised cost of living support in their spending plans, through the Scottish Child payment which has lifted 90,000 children out of poverty, the expansion of free school meals and by spending up to £1 billion to mitigate the impacts of 13 years of UK government policies such as the bedroom tax and benefit cap. 

“The Scottish Government can continue to make every effort to eradicate poverty, however, little progress will be made whilst we are tied to Westminster governments which prioritise austerity over tackling poverty. 

“Only independence will allow Scotland to unleash its full potential, and help build a fairer and more prosperous country for all.

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