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Westminster Called Upon to Join Fight to Eradicate Poverty

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The SNP have called on the UK government to join their fight to eradicate poverty, after results of a Joseph Rowntree survey were published today.

When asked what they thought were the most important issues facing Scotland today, those surveyed highlighted healthcare, the cost of living/inflation and the economy.

The survey highlighted the issues which voters personally believed were the most important to them – with mental health support, education inequality and childcare affordability and availability the top three issues mentioned.

Commenting, the SNP’s spokesperson for Social Justice, David Linden MP said:

“The Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s survey should serve as a wake up call to the UK government that more must be done to tackle the cost of living crisis, and address the inequality that exists in our communities.

“The Scottish Government is working hard to eradicate poverty, implementing bold and progressive policies such as the expansion of free childcare, the ‘game changing’ Scottish child payment and Best Starts Grants.

“It is a huge achievement that our measures have lifted an estimated 90,000 children out of poverty, but our progress continues to be held back by UK government austerity and Tory economic mismanagement dragging people back into poverty.

“We are working with one hand tied behind our back.

“It is only with the full powers of Independence can we tackle the cost of living crisis and work towards eradicating the cycle of poverty.”

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