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Westminster Failing to Get a Grip of Food Inflation

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Westminster’s failure to get a grip of food inflation is hammering Scottish households, the SNP has warned.
It comes as new data reveals the UK is the only G7 rich economy where food prices continue to rise by more than ten percent.
In contrast, food inflation across the 38 nations the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) monitor slowed to 7.4 percent in October.
Moreover, separate analysis has found that households across these isles will be spending more than £1,800 on festivities this year – up 290 percent on 1993 – while the cost of a turkey has risen 46 percent more than inflation.
Commenting, the SNP’s economy spokesperson, Drew Hendry MP said:
“Westminster’s failure to get a grip of the cost of living crisis has left households right across these isles struggling to make it through the month.
“The Chancellor did nothing in his autumn statement to help families facing their most expensive food bills ever, despite our demands to act and work with food producers and retailers to secure lower prices.
“Whilst other countries have acted to help households facing a food bill crisis, this UK government refused.
“Through no fault of their own, families in Scotland are paying a heavy price for Westminster’s incompetence and a broken Brexit which is now championed by Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.
“Just like the Tories, their values are centred around yet more Thatcherite austerity.
“It’s clear that Westminster does not work for Scotland, and no change at Downing Street will fix that.
“The only way to recover from the Westminster-made cost of living crisis, and build a fairer and more progressive economy, is for Scotland to become an independent country – ridding ourselves of Westminster control for good.”

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