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Westminster Has Let Down Scottish Households

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The SNP has said Westminster has “let down” Scottish households – after energy regulator Ofgem confirmed energy prices will rise once again.
It warned that the typical annual household bill would go up from £1,834 to £1,928 – a rise of 5%.
The announcement comes less than 24 hours after Jeremy Hunt delivered his Autumn Statement; a statement which will result in the largest reduction in real living standards since records began.
Moreover, by 2027/28, almost all households in the UK will find themselves worse off due to tax changes made by the Chancellor yesterday.
Dave Doogan MP, the SNP’s energy spokesperson, has said that Scottish households remaining fuel poor despite being energy rich is a scandal that can only be fixed with independence.
Commenting, Dave Doogan MP said:
“Households across Scotland will be waking up to the realisation that the Chancellor has, once again, let them down before a cold and harsh winter hits.
“This latest forecast from Ofgem will now see household energy bills rise by a further 5%, meaning they will pay more this January than any winter before.
“That is why the SNP’s call for a £400 energy rebate was crucial in helping households through the winter – a call that was sadly ignored.
“Scotland is an energy rich country with an abundance of potential.

“It is therefore scandalous that our country remains fuel poor due to the economic mismanagement of Westminster.
“Successive UK governments have exploited Scotland’s vast energy resources to bolster UK finances.

“It’s high-time they take responsibility and work with the Scottish Government to unlock Scotland’s enormous renewable energy potential.
“However, only with the full powers of independence can we chart our own course to green growth in a wider European market.
“Scotland has the energy – we just need the power.”

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