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Westminster is Biggest Threat To Scotland’s NHS

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The SNP’s Westminster Leader has warned that Westminster control is the biggest threat to Scotland’s NHS after the Tory autumn statement cut funding in real terms, and Labour confirmed it would “hold the door open” to NHS privatisation.
Stephen Flynn’s comments come after repeated threats to privatise the NHS from Labour’s Wes Streeting as Shadow Health Secretary, and the Tory Chancellor’s autumn statement, which experts have said will lead to further brutal cuts to public spending.
Brexit, backed by both the Tories and Labour, has also led to a massive labour shortage within the NHS and other public services.
In contrast, the SNP in government has ensured Scotland’s NHS has had the highest per-capita funding of the UK nations – 10% higher than Tory-run England.

Proportionally, almost £1.8 billion more is spent on frontline health services in Scotland compared to England, and almost £405 million more compared to Labour-run Wales.
Commenting, Stephen Flynn MP said:
“Westminster control is the biggest threat facing Scotland’s NHS, and only independence will remove that threat for good.
“Both the Tories and Labour are now signed up to dismantling our vital public health service with privatisation and cuts.

“Ahead of next year’s election, the Tory plan for the NHS is more austerity and the Labour plan is to “open the door” to privatisation.

“Their plans are clear and the threat is real – it is one more reason why Westminster isn’t working for Scotland
“Jeremy Hunt is set on taking us back to the worst years of austerity, with the NHS first in line for further cuts – and Keir Starmer’s Labour party is offering no alternative, choosing to stick with Tory spending plans.
“Under the SNP, Scotland’s NHS will always remain in public hands.

“We’ve made our values and our priorities clear by ensuring Scotland has the highest NHS funding of all the UK nations.
“But only the full powers of independence can get rid of Westminster governments for good and the threat they pose to our public services.”

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