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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Westminster is Utterly Broken

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Commenting on events in Westminster, SNP Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn MP said:

“The shameful events show Westminster is utterly broken.

“This should have been the chance for the UK Parliament to do the right thing and vote for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel – instead it turned into a Westminster circus.

“It is a disgrace that Sir Keir Starmer and the Speaker colluded to block Parliament voting on the SNP motion for an immediate ceasefire and against the collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

“More than 29,000 Palestinian children, women and men have been killed – and huge swathes of Gaza have been obliterated while Westminster equivocates.

“People in Gaza and Israel, and voters in Scotland, have been badly let down – they deserve so much better than this.

“The SNP will continue to press the UK government and parliament to back an immediate ceasefire.

“The time for equivocation is over.”

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