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Westminster Parties Cannot Keep Ignoring Brexit

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The Westminster parties can’t keep ignoring Brexit if they want to reverse the UK’s economic performance, the SNP has said.

The party’s Europe and EU Accession spokesperson, Alyn Smith MP, said grim business warnings were falling on deaf ears, as ASDA chairman, Stuart Rose, described the effect of Brexit on businesses as ‘catastrophic’ earlier this week.

Commenting, Alyn Smith MP said:

“Labour and the Tories cannot keep ignoring Brexit if they seriously think they can reverse the poor economic outlook they’ve heralded in here in the UK.

“The Westminster conspiracy of silence around Brexit must end.

“Grim warnings from business leaders come every day on the impact of Brexit and will continue to come thick and fast if the testimony from those paying the heaviest price continues to fall on deaf ears in Westminster.

“The chairman of ASDA, and the leaders of other businesses, are spot on when they say Brexit has been a catastrophe – it has, and the effects will be felt across these isles for decades to come if it isn’t overturned.

“Scotland is being made to pay a heavy price for a damaging Brexit it didn’t vote for, the more we’re made to endure it the less business and investment we’ll have in years to come, demonstrating exactly why we need an escape with the full powers of independence.”

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