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Westminster Parties Engaged in Conspiracy of Silence Over Swingeing Spending Cuts

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On a visit in Glasgow yesterday, SNP Leader John Swinney said:

“Public spending is becoming the defining issue of this election.

“After years of Westminster cuts and economic mismanagement, and policy disasters like Brexit, we urgently need to see investment in the services which we all hold dear.

“This campaign is a test of just how much political parties value institutions like our NHS.

“It’s about the political choices we make, and it’s about the values that we hold.

“And as the election gets closer, it is becoming clear that Labour and the Tories are concealing the true effects of their approach to fiscal policy from the public.

“They are concealing the huge budget cuts that will be involved.

“The Tories are more interested in cutting taxes for the rich, while quietly abandoning public services to their fate.

“Meanwhile, Labour are dancing to the Tory tune – terrified of doing anything other than matching Conservative tax plans while trying to sound just as tough on spending and borrowing.

“As the Institute for Fiscal Studies have warned, both Labour and the Tories are engaged in a conspiracy of silence about the true scale of tax and spending choices.

“That is deeply damaging for Scotland – and Scotland deserves better.

“In the real world, the chorus of independent experts warning that the Westminster parties are not being straight with people is becoming deafening.

“By contrast, the SNP are very clear on our values.

“We are proud to sit within the mainstream centre-left – with an unwavering conviction that strong public services and a strong economy go hand in hand.

“Neighbouring independent countries similar to Scotland are wealthier than the UK, and they have far more money to spend on their public services.

“In this election, we’ll be asking people to consider – why not Scotland? 

“After 14 years of Westminster cuts, our public services cannot take any more.

“On July 4th, vote SNP to put Scotland’s interests – and Scotland’s public services – first.”

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