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Wick Common Good Riverside Park Lease Consultation

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The Highland Council has launched a Common Good consultation giving the Wick community an opportunity to comment on a proposal to dispose of, by way of “ribbon” lease, small portions of land at Riverside Park (south of River Wick) to wind farm developers to facilitate the oversail of turbines and equipment necessary for the development, maintenance and decommissioning of  wind farms.

This part of Riverside Park forms part of Wick Common Good land.

In order for a wind farm developer to secure funding, a real right in land, either ownership or lease, is required by their lender.

Often several developers will need to oversail the same area of land.

As a result the practice of “ribbon” leasing is used which allows several developers to have leases of a token strip of land with the oversail rights being ancillary to such leases.

These leases are often for periods in excess of 30 years.

The granting of such leases will not impact on the use of the land as a public park other than for the limited period of the actual oversail, nor will there be any physical occupation of the land.

The land will only be oversailed during the development, maintenance and decommissioning of the wind farms as required.

Wick Common Good fund has only recently been reactivated and this represents a viable income generation opportunity to the benefit of that fund.

Full details of the proposal are contained in the consultation document which is on the Council’s website 

The Council is keen to hear the community’s views on the proposal and all submissions will be given full regard before a decision on whether to proceed is made.

People have until 5 January 2024 to respond.

Other information can be found on page titled Common Good asset changes on the Council website

Written responses should be submitted either by email to common.good@highland.gov.uk or by post to Sara Murdoch, The Highland Council HQ, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness, IV3 5NX.

Consultation representations, responses and any final decision will be published on the Council website.

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