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Wind Turbine Convoys to Start on Monday 06 February

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The first road convoys transporting large components to the Viking Wind Farm site are scheduled to begin early morning on Monday 06 February 2023. 

Convoys will travel northbound on the A970 from Lerwick to wind farm site access points in the Central Mainland. 

Each convoy will be escorted by Police Scotland vehicles and will form a rolling roadblock along its route.  

The length and width of the convoys means that overtaking will not be permitted except at designated locations where the convoy will stop and following traffic will be allowed to pass under Police control.  

Southbound traffic will be held at certain locations ahead of the arrival of the moving convoy.

Convoys are scheduled to leave Lerwick three times a day – on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 6am-7am, 11am-12 noon and 1pm-2pm; and on Saturdays between 6am-7am, 10am-11am, and 12 noon-2pm.

The expected convoy travel time for each journey is up to one hour. 

Road users on the A970 between Lerwick and Voe are asked to make themselves aware of the convoy times and to allow extra time for their journeys.

Public bus timetables are unaffected, except for Service 23 from the Viking Bus Station to Toft on Saturday mornings. 

During the convoy period, this will depart at the earlier time of 10.30am, rather than 10.40am. 

The road convoys of large wind farm components are planned to conclude by July.

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