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Woeful Fiscal Support Highlighted for Events in Commons Debate

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Owen Thompson MP (pictured) will lead a debate in the Commons today (Tuesday) highlighting the UK government’s woeful lack of support for the events sector during the coronavirus pandemic.

Owen Thompson MP will use his debate on Fiscal Support for the Events Industry to outline the industry’s anger at the UK government’s failure to engage in the pressing issues faced by the sixth biggest economic sector in the UK economy.

Prior to the pandemic, the UK’s creative industries were growing at five times the rate of the economy as a whole.

Few companies have been able to secure funding as part of the UK government’s £1.57bn fund – and with many workers reliant on the UK furlough scheme which is due to end this month, the MP has warned of an exacerbated jobs crisis if the Westminster government fails to act.

The SNP has called on the UK government to extend the furlough scheme and introduce a meaningful package of fiscal support for the 3 million freelancers who have yet to receive a penny in support from the Tory government at Westminster.

Commenting, Owen Thompson MP said:

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Tory government at Westminster has failed to engage with the pressing concerns of the events industry – the sixth biggest industry in the UK economy.

“The industry now faces a devastating future unless the UK government wake up to the problems in front of it.

“The industry is desperate to get around the table with UK Ministers and thrash out a meaningful support package to save them from certain collapse.

“So far the rhetoric from the Prime Minister and his Tory colleagues is far from welcome – to look professionals in this hugely important sector in the eye and tell them to retain for other jobs shows a staggering contempt for the workers that keep the economy running.

“Time is running out for the events sector – unless urgent action is taken by Westminster, the jobs crisis facing the UK will be far worse than anticipated.

“This is completely unavoidable and could be fixed with the stroke of the Chancellor’s pen.”

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