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Yamaha Motor Europe Add OEM e-Bike Systems to Product Line-Up

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The inventor of the Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC), Yamaha is a key player in the global and rapidly growing e-bicycle market.

Producing and supplying e-Bike Systems to some of the most high-profile bicycle manufacturers, Yamaha’s e-Bike Systems business has recorded impressive growth figures in recent years, with particularly strong growth in Europe.

From July 1st, 2020 Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. will assume the responsibility for distributing OEM [Original Equipment Manufacture] e-Bike Systems to the expanding European marketplace.

This will enable Yamaha Motor to provide stronger support for OEM partners at a centralized location, from its European headquarters in Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands.

European OEM customers, consisting primarily of bicycle manufacturers, have so far been served by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. in Japan, but with the growing demand for more quantity and the quick expansion of this business everywhere in Europe, we need as Yamaha to satisfy the European market expectations with more speed, flexibility and proximity to the European market are necessary.

From July 2020 Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. will be serving all of its brand’s OEM Customers in Europe.

It will introduce upgrades to the whole European e-Bike Systems supply chain, including sales and marketing, planning and ordering, supply of spare parts and all-round improved service.

Final users of Powered by Yamaha EPAC will be advised to refer to their local bicycle Dealers, and Dealers to contact bicycle brand offices, which will be in contact with Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. for any needed assistance.

Kazuhiro Murata, Executive General Manager Smart Power Vehicle Business Unit, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, said:

“Yamaha Motor will make our business foundation solid by localizing our marketing activity based in The Netherlands and strengthen our support to OEM Customers.

“Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., having a long business experience in European marketplace with CEO Mr. Eric de Seynes, are now responsible for sales of OEM drive units for e-Bikes and will show Yamaha’s total power.

“We believe this change will contribute to the further development of the e-Bike industry.”

Eric de Seynes, President, Chief Executive Officer of Yamaha Motor Europe, Senior Executive Officer of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, said:

“We are very enthusiastic to take the responsibility of our OEM e-Bike system business and would like to thank Yamaha Motor Company for their trust in us to develop further this business in Europe.

“There are two reasons for our enthusiasm, the first being related to the quick and spectacular development of the e-Bike business in Europe, which represents a very strong relay of growth for Yamaha Motor Europe.

“The second one is our conviction to accelerate the number of OEM partnerships with key actors of the mobility world in Europe.

“Yamaha has been the pioneer of this EPAC technology, and we trust in our capacity to expend the reputation of our brand in that field, supporting the future successes of our key partners.”

To find out more about Yamaha E-bicycle products, please visit their website.

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