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Young Leader Set to Pilot High Life Highland’s Leadership Program Across The Pond in Georgia USA

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High Life Highland is delighted to announce that the Leadership Programme will be headed stateside for the first time ever, courtesy of bold Young Leader, Thomas Fraser.

Thomas has racked up hundreds of volunteering hours since embarking on the Leadership Programme around two years ago, earning him several rewards.

Most recently, Thomas was presented with a green hoodie, symbolic of passing the Level 4 SCQF accredited ‘Choose to Lead’ award.

Ordinarily based in Culloden, Thomas has predominantly helped with Bellfield Park Tennis Club, Highland Bears Basketball Club, and the basketball sessions at Culloden Academy.

A few of Thomas’ achievements include taking part in a Table Tennis Leader course, and a First Aid course.

Laura Fraser, Thomas’ Mother, said:

“Thomas has completed more than 130 hours of volunteering to date, so moving ‘across the pond’ close to Georgia’s state capital won’t stop him from keeping up with the Leadership Programme.

“He is keen to continue being a Young Leader in the USA because he has really enjoyed seeing the growth of the children he has worked with at the tennis sessions.

“Thomas also recognises his own growth in confidence when dealing groups of children.”

High Life Highland’s award-winning Leadership Programme offers a selection of varied learning opportunities using SCQF accredited ‘Choose To Lead’ awards (Level 4 and 5), and well as other quality training opportunities and courses from Scottish Governing Bodies for sport, Youth Work and trusted partners.

The Leadership Programme is open to Young People aged 12-25 years, and although underpinned by Leadership in Sport and Youth Work, the awards can be utilised by Young People volunteering in clubs, facilities and schools.

From assisting at an Active Schools Club, volunteering at a major sporting event, or shaping the future of the local community through the Young Ambassadors Programme, Community Sports Hubs, or Highland Youth Voice, this variety of opportunities will enhance development as a Young Leader whilst helping to develop skills in delivering high quality activities.

All members of the Programme are also encouraged to sign up for Saltire Awards.

These national awards are designed to formally recognise the commitment and contribution of youth volunteering.

High Life Highland’s dedicated network of Mentors support Young Leaders to take full advantage of the opportunities available throughout their leadership journey.

In this case, Leadership Programme Development Officer Elizabeth McDonald went above and beyond to ensure that Thomas’ wish to continue with the Leadership Programme outside of the UK was possible.

Elizabeth added:

“I am delighted to have given the Fraser family the green light to carry on with High Life Highland’s Leadership Programme stateside, and equally to be the main point of contact for Thomas to support and advise as required.

“Taking the Programme outside of Scotland will be a first for High Life Highland, and we are enthusiastic about the prospects continuing the Leadership Programme in this format will bring Thomas as he settles into his new Georgia life.

“Thomas has been, and will without a doubt continue to be, a stellar Young Leader whose dedication to the programme goes to show the extent to which Young People benefit from participating in such opportunities.

“From everyone at High Life Highland, we wish the Fraser family every success in their relocation, and can’t wait to see what opportunities Thomas identifies in his new local area.”

To learn more about the Leadership Programme, visit High Life Highland’s dedicated web page: https://www.highlifehighland.com/sport/leadership-programme/ or contact Elizabeth directly via the following email: Elizabeth.McDonald@highlifehighland.com

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