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Young People Front and Centre of SNP Campaign

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Kate Forbes (pictured) has described the upcoming election as a ‘historic opportunity’ for Scotland’s young people to shape the future of the country, and pledged that the interests of young Scots will be at the front and centre of the SNP’s election campaign.

Campaigning in Dingwall today, Kate Finance Secretary will outline a series of SNP policies to go even further to empower young people in Scotland, including:

Ensuring everyone aged 16-24 gets the opportunity for work, education or training through our Young Person’s Guarantee

Raising the age at which Scots become eligible for council tax from 18 to 22

Guaranteeing free university tuition

Expanding concessionary travel to everyone under the age of 22

Ms Forbes urged young voters to unite behind the SNP to put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s.

Commenting, Kate Forbes said:

“Young people in Scotland have benefitted hugely from progressive SNP policies – but it’s vitally important that we keep this progress going, especially considering the severe impact the pandemic has had on the opportunities afforded to young people.

“During the SNP’s time in government, we’ve taken real action to protect and empower young people – abolishing tuition fees, delivering votes at sixteen, and mitigating harmful Tory austerity – but we can know we can go further and keep delivering the things which really matter.

“We are determined to build on the progress we have made by ensuring everyone aged 16-24 has the opportunity for work, education or training through the Young Person’s Guarantee, raising the age at which Scots become eligible for council tax, guaranteeing free tuition, and expanding concessionary travel.

“This election is a historic opportunity for young people to shape not just their own future, but the future of Scotland – and to stop Boris Johnson and the Tories betraying future generations by gambling their opportunities away.

“The SNP has a positive, ambitious vision for Scotland’s future, and we’ll be taking that to young people across the country at this election.

“The only way to ensure that Scotland’s future is firmly in Scotland’s hands is to cast both votes for the SNP in May.”

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