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Friday, December 2, 2022

Equal Partnership Buried – Scotland’s Parliament and People Bypassed

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The SNP’s Westminster leader (pictured) has said the Tories have buried the idea of the UK as an equal partnership of nations after they pushed through their power grab bill despite firm opposition from Scotland.

In the House of Commons, Ian Blackford MP condemned Boris Johnson’s government for rushing through legislation that would rob the devolved Parliaments of key powers and allow for a “race to the bottom” in food and environmental standards.

Earlier, the Scottish Government set out its opposition to the Bill – stating that it undermines devolution and breaches international law.

It will recommend that the Scottish Parliament declines to grant consent to the Bill.

Ian Blackford MP, the SNP’s Westminster leader, said:

“By undermining devolution and blatantly ignoring the wishes of the people of Scotland the Tories are burying the idea of the UK as a partnership of equal nations.

“The Tories have launched the biggest power grab in the history of devolution and – backed by Douglas Ross and his Scottish Tory colleagues – are now one step closer to taking a wrecking ball to the Scottish Parliament.

“The Bill will not only rob the devolved governments of powers over devolved matters and hoard them in Westminster, it will also signal a race to the bottom in food and environmental standards.

“The character of this Tory government is crystal clear – it is consistent in its contempt.

“It has shown complete contempt for the devolved Parliaments and it has shown contempt for international law.

“By his reckless Brexit plans, rule-breaking Boris Johnson is creating further uncertainty and instability for businesses and the economy at an already challenging time.

“Scotland now faces key spending powers being stripped away, high standards being watered down, and the threat of low-quality produce – such as chlorinated chicken and hormone-injected beef – flooding our supermarkets, and all imposed by a Tory government we didn’t vote for.

“It’s clearer than ever that Westminster is not only failing to stand up for Scotland’s interests, but it is acting against it.

“The only way to protect the interests of Scotland’s Parliament and its people is through independence.”

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