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Increase in Net Migration

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Net migration more than doubled between 2021 and 2022, according to statistics published today by National Records of Scotland.

In the year to June 2022, net migration into Scotland was 48,800, compared with 22,200 in the year before.

This is the highest level of net migration over the last decade.

This increase is a result of higher levels of international migration into Scotland.

36,300 more people moved to Scotland from outside the UK than left in the year to June 2022, compared with 13,300 in the previous year.

Net migration to Scotland from the rest of the UK also rose to 12,500 people in the year to June 2022, compared with 8,900 in the previous year.

Commenting on the statistics, Head of Population and Migration Statistics, Esther Roughsedge said:

“Today’s report shows that net migration more than doubled between mid-2021 and mid-2022 due to an increase in international migration.

“This increase is likely to be the result of a substantial rise in the number of international students studying at universities in Scotland.

“International migration is highest into the big cities, particularly Glasgow and Edinburgh.

“More people move to Scotland each year from other parts of the UK than leave, averaging around 9,000 people per year over the last decade.

“This figure rose to 12,500 people in the most recent year.

“The report shows that more people from other parts of the UK moved to Edinburgh than any other place in Scotland.”

National Records of Scotland has also published revised population estimates for Scotland for 2011 to 2021, to reflect the new census data.

The rebased figures show that Scotland’s population increased by 2.2% between mid-2011 and mid-2021.

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