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Ross Demands Action on Crumbling Ross Shire Roads

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The SNP’s Gail Ross, Member of the Scottish Parliament for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross (pictured) has today, Tuesday 10th of March, written to Highland Council to urge them to take immediate action to address the condition of the Scotsburn Road, at Moor Farm, near Tain.

The stretch of road had been repaired from pothole damage in 2019, however, the condition of the road has deteriorated at the repair site to the point where the road is almost unpassable for vehicles.

Ms Ross first raised her concerns with the Chief Executive of Highland Council in early January, however, since then no work has been carried out to address the problem and the condition of the road has deteriorated significantly.

Speaking today Gail said:

“I’m becoming increasingly concerned over the state of the road close to Moor Farm, should an emergency vehicle have to use the road to attend a call out on the Scotsburn Road there is a real danger that the vehicle would be severely damaged by the potholes.”

“Residents and service providers should not have to put up with this level of service from Highland Council – there is a significant number of folks who require care at home who live on this route: it is totally unacceptable to put their access to care and services at risk because these road repairs are not being done.”

“I understand that a number of residents saw surveyors on site recently looking at the damage.

“I’ve asked Highland Council to clarify what purpose these surveyors were serving on the site, as concerns have been raised locally that the surveyors were there to make an inspection to comply with the 1984 Roads (Scotland) Act, which states that as long as a roads authority maintains a comprehensive system of inspection and repair they may not be liable if a road defect causes damage to a vehicle or a personal injury.”

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