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Ross Welcomes Treasury Change of Heart on Red Diesel

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Moray MP Douglas Ross has welcomed a Treasury change of heart which will ensure that tractors attending ploughing matches and similar events can continue to use red diesel unabated.

The local MP had been lobbying the Treasury on behalf of many constituents concerned that planned HMRC changes would mean agricultural use of red diesel for these uses would no longer be able to be used.

However, the Treasury has now accepted this change won’t be enforced as of 1 April as planned.

Douglas Ross received confirmation of the news from Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury Helen Whately after making his feelings known to the Treasury.

He also was planning to lead a debate in the House of Commons on the issue to highlight concerns from the agricultural sector in Moray, but the debate is no longer required.

He says this decision is a victory for common sense and a welcome boost for everyone who takes part in these events as participants or organisers.

Commenting Douglas said:

“This is extremely welcome news and a victory for common sense.

“I had been contacted by many farmers and other concerned constituents in Moray over the proposed tax changes and the major impact they would have had on agricultural businesses.

“I was determined to ensure the Treasury would see that this exemption should be allowed for the purposes of tractors travelling to and from ploughing matches and lobbied strongly on their behalf.

“If these changes had gone ahead, then businesses would have suffered greatly, and it could have signalled the end for many of these events which are part of the way of life in our rural communities.

“It was great to be able to go to the Moray Ploughing Match last year at Byers Farm near Spey Bay, and I know how important these events are across the country.

“I was determined to get this change and had secured debating time on the subject in the House of Commons, but fortunately the Treasury have listened and taken the right action.  

“I know this is a move that has been welcomed by all concerned.”

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