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Starmer Fails to Outline Route to Scottish Democracy

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The SNP has slammed pro Brexit Labour party Leader, Keir Starmer, as ‘out of touch’ and ‘untrustworthy’ after he failed to outline the democratic route for a referendum and claimed to be an advocate for more change in Scotland.

Starmer made the remarks in a joint interview with Anas Sarwar as he made a swift visit to Scotland.

The pro Brexit Labour leader failed to state how the people of Scotland can have a say over their future after having voted overwhelmingly for parties supporting an independence referendum in the 2021 Holyrood elections.

When asked, Starmer replied ‘My answer to that would be that the question was put in 2014. And an answer was given.’ 

SNP MSP Rona Mackay has said that ‘Keir Starmer is showing that you can’t trust a word he says’ as the Labour leader claimed to have ‘always been an advocate of more powers in Scotland’, despite his party opposing calls for further devolution of powers over areas including social security, immigration and employment.

Commenting SNP MSP Rona Mackay said:

“Keir Starmer’s latest fleeting visit to Scotland has shown him, yet again, to be out of touch and untrustworthy – it has underlined that the pro Brexit Labour leader would be no alternative to a Tory Prime Minister and independence is only way people across Scotland can build the better future they deserve.

“Keir Starmer has had a wasted trip if he thinks that Scots will accept that a pro Brexit Labour party standing in the way of Scottish democracy and dishing out empty promises is their only other choice to the Tories.

“Quite frankly, it is no choice at all and that’s why people voted to have the choice of a proper alternative as an independent country.

“The pro Brexit Labour leader should be embarrassed at the paltry plans and empty words he packs for his trips to Scotland and instead should use the time to listen – maybe then he’ll accept that blocking democracy and ramping up right wing rhetoric is not what people across Scotland want, they want to have a say over their future in a referendum.”

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