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UK Government Urged to Take Urgent Action to Protect Workforce Facing Hardship


Gavin Newlands MP (pictured) has pressed the UK government to take urgent action alongside businesses to help workers and the self-employed, following testimonies of workers who have been unable to access desperately needed support.

The call for action follows reports that Deliveroo drivers – who are registered as self-employed – are having to resort to coming back to work instead of being in self-isolation because they have been unable to receive the required absence documentation from the NHS.

The UK government pledged earlier this month that it would bring forward a system to help workers obtain the documents so they can in turn access support.

However, many workers have faced difficulties and barriers in accessing the service and absence forms.

Commenting, Gavin Newlands MP said:

“The reports that people are being forced to work rather than self-isolate because they have been unable to obtain absence documentation is deeply concerning.

“This is not just the case with Deliveroo drivers, but it may also affect millions of employees around the UK who are having to work in order to pay their bills, rent, and support their families.

“We are in an unprecedented and difficult situation, however the UK government must take urgent action to fix the system so workers, the self-employed, and those in precarious work, are able to obtain the relevant documentation from the authorities, receive financial support, and self-isolate.”

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