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Authorities Urged to Pull Out The Stops to Help Citizens Stranded Overseas

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Richard Lochhead MSP (pictured) has written to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Scottish Government urging the authorities to do all it can to help UK citizens stranded overseas to return home.

Mr Lochhead has been contacted by constituents who are currently stranded in various countries, as well as worried family members who seeking help to get their loved ones home.

Moray’s MSP is urgently contacting the authorities on behalf of those who have been in touch in an effort to have them brought home to Moray.

Commenting Mr Lochhead said:

“This is a very anxious time for everyone given the unprecedented threat of the coronavirus and its impact on our way of life and wider society.

“However, it is a particularly anxious time for people stranded overseas and unable to easily return home due to the restrictions on travel imposed by many countries with little warning to prevent the spread of the virus.

“I have been contacted by many constituents who are either stranded themselves overseas in many different countries around the world or who have loved ones unable to return home.

‘Even where they are able to leave the country they are in, they often find that the connecting flights back to the UK have been suspended.

“Given the circumstances, this is a particularly distressing time for this to happen and hopefully the UK authorities can pull out the stops to make the necessary arrangements to bring everyone home to Moray.

“I have no doubt that the authorities are being swamped with cases but constituents that have contacted me are becoming more anxious with every day that passes.”   

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