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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Cracks Appearing in Labour Over Grubby Deals With The Tories

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Cracks are starting to appear in Labour over their grubby backroom deals with the Tories in council chambers across Scotland.

A number of key figures have spoken out against stitch-ups that have seen Labour gift Tories positions of power in administrations or sat on their hands and opened the door to the Tory party taking control of councils.

MSP Mercedes Villalba tweeted that ‘no Labour representative worth the name would ever put Tories in power’.

Whilst former MSP Neil Findlay said he was ‘appalled’ by West Lothian Labour councillors and their ‘shameful’ decision to vote Tories into power there.

Meanwhile in Edinburgh, former Labour MP Mark Lazarowicz described the Tory-Labour deal in the city as ‘unacceptable’.

Plus, two Labour councillors in the city refused to back the plans when it was put to a vote.

Commenting, SNP MSP Siobhian Brown said:

“Even Labour party members cannot stomach the grubby backroom deals their party has done with the Tories across Scotland.

“They can see these stitch-ups for what they really are as Labour ditch any principle it had left and open the door to let Tories into power.

“There will be Labour campaigners across the country disgusted after they knocked on doors for their party and did not ever imagine the councillors they helped elect would be working hand in hand with the Tories as soon as the election results came in.

“The cracks are beginning to show as not only has Anas Sarwar’s promise of no deals been completely shattered, but they have let the very architects of the cost of living crisis into power – a devastating move for communities across Scotland.

“Anas Sarwar has lost all credibility on the cost of living crisis as his party has allowed the Tories into power in a quarter of councils across Scotland – and he is also starting to lose credibility and authority with his own party as a result.

“It is only the SNP that can be trusted to stand up to the Tories and keep them out of power, whilst Labour roll over and let them in at the first opportunity.”

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