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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Don’t be Tempted if Offered Illegal Venison

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Pictured: Red Deer Stag.

Following a reported increase in ‘doorstep sales’ and giving away of venison, the Scottish Venison Association has issued the following statement:

“However well meaning, the giving away or selling of any wild game meat outside of the hunter’s exemption “to family and friends for private consumption on an occasional basis”, or without the necessary, required documentation, is illegal and poses another health risk over and above the significant challenge of Covid-19. 

“This includes gifting of venison to individuals or organisations on ‘charitable’ grounds.

“Venison must only be sold and purchased through legitimate channels and through registered food businesses (in Scotland holding a current Venison Dealer Licence and relevant food business certification). 

“If you are selling or giving venison away without such necessary consents you will probably be breaking the law as well as risking the integrity of the venison food chain.”

To the stalker/supplier – don’t do it. 

To the consumer/buyer/recipient – don’t buy it or accept it.

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