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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Full Transparency Required From PM Over Police Questionnaire

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The SNP has said the public must have “full transparency” from the Prime Minister – and called on him to publish his responses to the police questionnaire.

The call comes as Scotland Yard confirm they will reveal the number of fines issued from ‘partygate’ – and explain the reasoning behind them – but will not publish the names of the individuals involved.

The SNP’s Westminster Depute Leader, Kirsten Oswald MP, has said only by publishing his answers in full can the public gauge “the full extent of the scandal the Prime Minister finds himself engulfed in”.

Boris Johnson is currently under investigation for attending several parties throughout lockdown, with the Metropolitan Police investigating 12 altogether.

Commenting, the SNP’s Westminster Depute Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“It’s quite extraordinary that the current Prime Minister is clinging onto power thanks to a police investigation into breaking his own laws.

“It’s absolutely vital that the Prime Minister offers full transparency by publishing his answers to the police questionnaire.

“By doing so, the public can fully gauge the extent of the scandal the Prime Minister finds himself engulfed in.

“Boris Johnson should have resigned long ago but his lack of dignity has prevented this from happening.

“If he doesn’t leave office willingly, then it is incumbent on Tory MP’s to show him the door.

“The longer he remains in power, the more lasting the damage will be.”

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