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Gaelic Inspired

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VisitScotland highlights opportunities for Scotland’s tourism and events industry

As people around the world celebrate Seachdain na Gàidhlig (World Gaelic Week), VisitScotland is highlighting the importance of the national language to Scotland’s tourism and events industry and how businesses can make the most of increasing visitor interest in all things Gaelic.

In the past year, the national tourism organisation has seen a significant increase in interest in Gaelic on its consumer website VisitScotland.com with the number of users visiting Gaelic-related content rising by 151 per cent in 2022 compared to 2021, plus over 660k views of its Scottish Gaelic Explained video on YouTube.

The increasing popularity of the language among visitors creates new opportunities for tourism and events businesses across Scotland to incorporate Gaelic, helping create authentic and immersive experiences visitors crave.

To support businesses and encourage those already embracing Gaelic to share their story, VisitScotland has created a Gaelic toolkit with support from national Gaelic development body Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

It features resources, real life business examples and practical suggestions for incorporating the language from teaching staff basic phrases to translating local place names to reveal their Gaelic meanings and using Gaelic in marketing materials.

Over 340 businesses listed on VisitScotland.com now boast Gaelic as a selling point to visitors from traditional speaking areas in Stornoway and Inverness to Glasgow and Newton Stewart further afield.

As well as providing Gaelic inspiration and advice to businesses, VisitScotland is a supporter of key events including Celtic Connections and the Royal National Mòd, the annual international festival of Scottish Gaelic culture, through EventScotland.

The activity is part of the national tourism organisation’s drive to make Scotland a leading destination for responsible tourism, in line with industry and government strategies.

A destination that protects and preserves its unique natural and cultural assets in order to make the country a better place to live and visit.

Lyn Donnelly, VisitScotland Senior Responsible Tourism Manager, said:

“Gaelic is such a unique and special part of our culture, and this week is a timely reminder for all of us about the need to protect and preserve Scotland’s cultural heritage for future generations.

“The increasing popularity of Gaelic presents an exciting opportunity for the tourism and events businesses across Scotland to incorporate Gaelic in their offering, creating authentic and immersive experiences we know visitors are looking for and strengthens our appeal as a destination.”

Joy Dunlop, Director of Seachdain na Gàidhlig, said:

“The importance of Gaelic both here in Scotland and abroad is clear, with there being a tangible increase in both interest in and understanding of our nature language and culture.

This is none more obvious than in the tourism and events sector, with Gaelic being an inspiration for people visiting our beautiful country.

“Tourism drives the Scottish economy and Gaelic is at the heart of this for many.

“The second ever Seachdain na Gàidhlig is looking bigger and better than we’d imagined, with over 100 events taking place across the globe; most of which wouldn’t have been possible without the extra funding allocated to us by Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

“Do check out www.seachdainnagaidhlig.scot to see how you can get involved – it’s not too late!”

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