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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Highland MSP Calls for Views on Debt

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SNP MSP Emma Roddick (pictured) has called for the views of local organisations as part of the Social Justice and Social Security Committee’s inquiry into debt in Scotland.

A member of the committee herself, she is keen to make sure that Highland voices are heard to give a “complete view” of the issues so that good policy can be created.

She said:

“This inquiry by the Social Justice and Social Security Committee is an incredibly important one which could shape future policy which aims to reduce poverty and help those facing debt in Scotland.

“It is vital that we hear from Highland organisations such as local CABs, the Merkinch Partnership and others, who I know from working with them have a wealth of knowledge on the subject. 

“This will give the committee a complete view of the issue and how it differs in various parts of the country.”

You can respond to the call for views by clicking here

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