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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Holyrood Calls on UK Government to Reverse Universal Credit Cut

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Richard Lochhead MSP (pictured) joined the majority of MSPs at Holyrood in voting to urge the UK Government to reverse its planned £20 a week cut to Universal Credit.

The Scottish Parliament voted by a margin of 88 to 28 votes in favour of the motion calling on the UK Government to rethink these devastating cuts.

Only the Conservatives, led by Moray’s MP Douglas Ross, voted for the cuts which will see the income of over 6600 adults in Moray slashed by £1040 a year.

Mr Lochhead has described Mr Ross’s decision to back the cut as shameful and has expressed his serious concern that plans will force many people in Moray to choose between heating and eating.

Commenting Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“Every party in Holyrood, with the exception of Douglas Ross and his Tories, united to condemn and urge a rethink on the UK Government’s plans to cut Universal Credit by £20 a week.

“It is shameful that as families struggle with the rising cost of living, the Tory Government is choosing to inflict the largest overnight cut to social security since the second world war.

“There is no doubt that these cuts will have a devastating impact on working families, single parent families, and many others who will now be forced to make difficult choices about whether they put food on the table or electric in the meter.

“Over 6600 people in Moray are currently on Universal Credit and it is a disgrace that their Tory MP has voted to cut their income by over £1000 a year, particularly at a time when families face the rising tide of growing food and energy bills. 

“I’m sure that £20 a week doesn’t seem like a lot of cash to privileged Tory politicians, but I’m already being contacted by constituents who are distressed and with no idea how they will pay their bills after they have this money taken away.

“These plans are abhorrent and Moray’s MP has absolutely failed to stand up for local families at a time when they need him the most – he should be ashamed.”

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