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Monday, August 8, 2022

Hundreds of Local Residents Write to MP in Solidarity of #Blacklifesmatter Campaign

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Highland MP, Drew Hendry (pictured) has written to the Foreign Secretary calling on the UK Government to end its silence on protests in America and to condemn the ongoing treatment of black people, in the United States of America by Donald Trump.

In his letter to Dominic Raab, Mr Hendry also called on the UK Government to immediately review UK exports of riot control equipment to the US following footage of this equipment been used to attack peaceful protestors, bystanders and journalists.

Commenting, Drew Hendry MP said:

“President Trump’s actions following the tragic murder of George Floyd have been disgraceful. 

“Rather than trying to heal a divided nation and create a sense of unity, he has created further division and sparked hatred.

“For a president to utter the words “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”, should be unimaginable.

“These are not the words of someone looking to heal the divide.

“The UK must always be vocal on human rights, freedom of speech, and upholding press freedom in other parts of the world. 

“I have received hundreds of emails from constituents urging me to ask the UK Government to do more and end their silence on this situation.

“Folk have also been eager to share their personal support for the protesters putting their lives on the line to highlight the institutional racism that exists in their communities.

“People living here and across these isles know that they need to speak up against racism and injustice, its time the UK Government follows their lead.

“Like many of those who have been in touch with me, I share Amnesty International’s concerns about UK-manufactured riot equipment being shipped to the United States for use in an excessive and militarised police response to Black Lives Matter protests.

“As well as asking the Foreign Secretary to condemn Donald Trump’s actions, I have urged him to put an end to the exporting of these products until reassurances are sought that they are not being used to attack peaceful protestors, bystanders and journalists.

“This situation is aggravated by a President who continues to tweet about mainstream media disinformation as ‘fake news’ and ‘an enemy of the people’.

“While there is always work to be done to rid our own communities of racism and to protect free speech, the UK must also speak up for human rights, the right to protest and the freedom of the press across the globe.

“Inaction on this matter is not an option; we must always stand against hatred and racism.”

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