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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Jamie Stone Kicks Off Campaign to Tackle Online Sexism

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MP for the Far North and Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Digital and Media has joined a campaign against online and offline misogyny.

Hope United, a campaign launched by EE, was launched ahead of the UEFA European Championships, bringing together footballers from each of the home nations and working with the football associations of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Ahead of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 tournament, EE is unveiling a refreshed Hope United squad, a team of footballers that includes some new signings such as Andy Robertson, Rebecca Sellar and Caroline Weir – all committed to combatting online sexist hate.

A recent YouGov survey commissioned by EE, has revealed that 53% of the UK public don’t feel the internet is a safe space for women, and 62% of the UK believe that not enough is being done to tackle online and offline misogyny.

Mr Stone commented:

“I have seen first-hand the impact of online sexism in political life.

“I know of a female parliamentary candidate, full of potential, who decided to withdraw from politics all together owing to the level of seriously nasty online abuse.

“I also know of another female elected member, someone who worked hard for her constituents, who decided to give up for the same reason.

“In my view, this represents a significant damage to democracy itself. 

“Bullying and harassment takes a major toll on a person’s mental health and can have serious consequences.

“Cracking down on online and offline misogyny is crucial to ensuring that women feel confident and safe in both their public and private lives.”

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