Local Seamstress Has It All Sewn up for NHS Staff

A local seamstress has joined a network of other sewers to make much needed scrubs for local NHS teams.

A local seamstress has joined a network of other sewers to make much needed scrubs for local NHS teams.

Lisa Miele (pictured) of Sylvan Designs which specialises in creating made to measure curtains and blinds has turned her skill to good use to make the uniforms for local doctors, nurses and other NHS staff.

She said:

“My business has pretty much stopped due to the situation with Coronavirus and I was speaking to a local doctor who said they were starting to run short of scrubs.

“My understanding is that all doctors, even GPs in the local surgery are now all wearing scrubs, but they were struggling to get enough, so I decided to help.

Lisa has joined a group called More Scrubs which was set up to crowdfund to buy ready-made scrubs, but also acts as a hub for people who can sew so they can react to demand and distribute the creations appropriately.

The Facebook page for the group explains that doctors and other frontline health workers are having to change scrubs between every single patient, hence why there is a shortage

“I wanted to do my bit and as well as providing something useful for the NHS workers it is also helping to keep me busy.

“My fabric has just arrived, which was paid for by donations from friends and family.

“It should enable me to make around 12 outfits.

“I made a couple from kids’ duvet covers which featured Olaf from the film Frozen and they’ve been snapped up by a paediatric nurse.

“Whilst I am a member of More Scrubs, I have been taking orders direct from local doctors and nurses who heard about me on Facebook.

“If people want to get involved or donate the best way is to go directly to the More Scrubs Facebook page.

“This situation is not changing anytime soon, so it’s important that we keep sewing to make sure that we can look after the NHS workers, as they are doing some much to look after those in need.”

Lisa who lives near Forres is also a member of Moray Business Women’s Club and has had support from a fellow entrepreneur.

“In order to make these scrubs quickly I put a call out to my fellow Moray Business Women for an over locker which is a sewing machine that stitches the edges of fabric and trims so that the fabric doesn’t fray.

“Jane Williams of The Sewing Shop at Number 29 which is situated in Fochabers is lending me one.

“Just goes to show that now more than ever, it’s important that businesses are collaborating and supporting each other, even if the benefit is not directly to our businesses, but for another organisation in need.”