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Moray Local Outdoor Access Forum Seeks New Members

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Pictured: Terry Ballard and Stephen Reeve at Dorenell Visitor Centre.

The Moray Local Outdoor Access Forum (MLOAF) is looking for three new members with an interest in the outdoors.

MLOAF advises Moray Council on matters relating to outdoor access.

The 20 members who make up the Forum have equal representation from public agencies, landowners and land managers, community groups and outdoor user groups.

The Forum takes an active interest in promoting responsible access to the countryside throughout Moray, whether by the use of footpaths, cycleways, rivers or lochs and is currently exploring ways to support the Council’s Active Travel Strategy.

Three vacancies have arisen on the Forum and applications are invited from anyone with an interest in the outdoors who wishes to contribute to the development of access opportunities in Moray.

There are around four meetings a year and a knowledge of Moray is beneficial.

Application forms and further information can be requested from Ian Douglas by emailing ian.douglas@moray.gov.uk.

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 22 March 2022.

MLOAF Convener, Terry Ballard, said of the opportunity:

“The Forum provides a unique platform to balance the needs and interests of local communities, groups, landowners and individuals.

“MLOAF has been instrumental in maintaining and improving outdoor access throughout Moray through the development of the Core Paths Plan and via a process of collaboration with developers and land owners.

“The Forum has also been closely involved in helping to resolve a number of access disputes.

“Membership of the Forum is very rewarding, enjoyable and challenging.

“It’s great to see people coming together from contrasting backgrounds, with differing perspectives and, through mutual understanding, devise creative ways to improve outdoor access in Moray.

“This is an exciting opportunity to join MLOAF and help shape the future of outdoor access in Moray.”

Successfully selected new members will join the Forum from April 2022 for three years, with the chance to re-apply to continue membership.

Membership is on a voluntary basis (travelling expenses associated with Forum business will be reimbursed on request).

Prospective candidates should ideally be resident in Moray, but this is not essential.

Familiarity with the area’s geography and social history is advantageous.

Please state any groups currently associated with and submit an endorsement from a body or organisation of which they are a member and which supports their application.

Applicants are also required to offer a referee who may be contacted to provide information to support their application and to help determine suitability.

Prospective candidates should outline, in approximately 250 words, what skills and experience they have to offer MLOAF.

Appointment to the Forum will be made by a panel made up from current Forum members and the Council’s Open Space, Access and Policy Officer.

All applicants will be advised of the outcome of this selection process.

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