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Monday, August 8, 2022

Moray MP Welcomes UK Package to Support Businesses Affected by COVID-19

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Pictured: Moray MP Douglas Ross

Commenting after Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced a £350billion package of measures to support the UK’s economy, Moray MP Douglas Ross said:

“I’ve been discussing with businesses large and small across every sector in Moray to hear about the impact they are experiencing as the country tries to protect individuals from Coronavirus.

“This is a fast-moving situation which is regularly being updated and the changes at the beginning of the week for people to socially distance themselves has obviously had a massive effect on local businesses.

“On Tuesday, the Chancellor said that we will do whatever it takes to support businesses and individuals through these unprecedented times.

“The £350billion committed through various measures is a massive financial stimulus for our economy but I expect more to come in the days and weeks ahead.

“The Scottish Government will have almost £2billion extra to spend supporting Scottish businesses and I know they have pledged to spend every penny that they get from the UK Government to help all sectors affected in Scotland. 

“I also accept that we need to do more for self-employed and individuals and the Chancellor has said he is discussing this further with a range of stakeholders to ensure he can quickly get the most beneficial support to these individuals as well.

“This is a time when we all have to work together; to support each other, protecting our friends, family and neighbours to ensure we get through this crisis together.

“There will be more announcements to come from the UK Government and the Treasury and I want to continue to do everything I can to support individuals, businesses and communities across Moray as we fight this virus.”

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