Positive Prospectus for Inverness and Nairn

From Fergus Ewing Scottish National Party candidate

My key promises are: 

First, to continue to work hard to help people in Inverness and Nairn constituency with problems and issues brought to me; and second, to drive forward the interests and economy of the region.

Since 1999, I have worked hard as your MSP, and from 2007, as a Minister in the Scottish Government.

For the past five years I have served as Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy, and from last year, Tourism.

I hope that I now have the experience, track record, and the capability to work well with others to deliver success – success which is always a partnership “Team Scotland” effort. 

Such as: 

Working to complete the dualling of the A9 to Inverness, and to deliver the Nairn bypass;  for the new prison for the Highlands, and new Academy for Nairn;  to oversee  the transformation of Inverness Castle into a world class public space and visitor attraction;  to help improve facilities for children and adults with additional needs;  in recovery from covid, both  to help create and sustain jobs and promote the green recovery;  to support farming, forestry and land management;  and to complete rural access to super-fast broadband. 

All these things and more are, for me, good solid work in progress.

I am ready and determined to finish the job!

The Scottish Government has invested massively in the North of Scotland and is set to continue to do so over the next five years.

I will drive that forward.

And I shall continue to work positively and constructively with the Council, the local NHS and our schools to help get the best for people in health, education and local services.

Mine is a positive campaign: not focussing on what is wrong about the other candidates’ ideas – but rather about what I will work to do, whilst progressing Scotland’s right to determine our own future.