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Friday, September 30, 2022

Sanwar Must Come Clean on Meeting With Tories and Ultra-Unionists

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The SNP has challenged Anas Sarwar to come clean on why his council candidates in Glasgow held a meeting with the Tories and ‘British nationalist’ group The Majority.

The Majority have been described by the media as “explicitly anti-democratic British nationalist” who “want to ban pro-independence parties and newspapers, that it backed a Kremlin TV star for Holyrood, and has campaigned against minority language rights”.

 Glasgow Labour’s group leader Malcolm Cunning and the Tories’ deputy leader Euan Blockley have been pictured at a council election event hosted by The Majority.

Member of The Majority, David Griffiths, said the group reached an agreement on ‘key issues’, which the SNP say Anas Sarwar must now explain.

Commenting, SNP MSP Bob Doris said:

“It’s staggering enough that Labour are cosying up again with Boris Johnson’s Tories but they must immediately come clean on why its candidates were meeting with a group that has been described by the media as ‘British nationalist’ and ‘anti-democratic’.

“It is clear Labour have not learned from their mistakes of the past and their unholy alliance with the Tories in 2014 as they continue to hold secret meetings with them and British nationalists.

“They must immediately reveal what the ‘key issues’ were they reached agreement on.

“If Labour continue to act as ultra-unionists, advocating for Westminster control in Scotland and working together with the Tories to deny the people of Scotland their democratic right to hold an independence referendum then they will continue their slide into irrelevance in Scotland.

“We cannot trust that Labour will not form another unionist pact in councils across Scotland – they have already done it in Aberdeen and North Lanarkshire and could do it again.

“That is why it is only the SNP that can be trusted not to hand the keys of power to the Tories in councils and send a message on May 5 that we have had enough of the scandal ridden Tory government.”

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