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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Sarwar’s Tory Stitch Up’s an Unpardonable Betrayal

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The SNP has accused Anas Sarwar of “unpardonable acts of betrayal” as Scottish Labour has done deals with the Tories in several councils across Scotland.

Scottish Labour groups on several councils have agreed or are attempting to form minority administrations that can only be achieved with the support of Conservative councillors.

Following the elections earlier this month, Sarwar ordered his party to refuse to form relationship with the SNP – even on councils where the SNP is the biggest party – despite an open offer from the SNP to work together on progressive principles for the benefit of local communities.

SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“Before the election, Anas Sarwar made a pitch to the people of Scotland urging them to kick the toxic Tories out of power and now they are doing dirty deals with the same Tories.

“The people of Scotland have long memories and they will never forgive the Tories under Margaret Thatcher, who laid waste to this country’s economy, for which many are still paying the price.

“For a Scottish Labour leader to tolerate such a stitch-up with this corrupt, immoral, law-breaking Tory Party is an unpardonable act of betrayal of working-class Scots who rejected the Tories at the ballot box just two weeks ago.

“Anas Sarwar has shredded any last remaining integrity he has to lead Labour in Scotland.

“Scotland has not voted to put the Tories into power for seventy years – but Scottish Labour has just done exactly that.

“It is a shameful day for the party.

“Last year he stated that, while he disagreed on the constitution, he was making a big offer to work with the SNP to make positive progress together.

“What happened to Sarwar’s promise?

“Was it an honest offer or was it a line out of the Boris Johnson playbook where you say whatever you like then backtrack as if you had never made such a promise in the first place.

“The people of Scotland need to know if Anas Sarwar is an honest broker – or is he Boris Johnson in disguise?”

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